Kristen Travels

Where are you going?

To start I’ll be roaming all around Western Europe. Here’s a map of where I plan to visit this summer:

After Europe, and assuming I want to/can continue traveling, I’d like to visit Southeast Asia via Istanbul and India. More details on that as the Summer progresses.

When are you leaving?

May 11th. My plane departs from Seattle for a 7 hour connecting flight to Reykjavik, Iceland. I’ll have a 90 minute layover in Reykjavik (sorry, Iceland – catch you next time!), then hop a 3-hour flight to arrive early in the morning in Paris on May 12th.

How long will you be gone?

This is an open-ended, walkabout-style trip, so I plan to travel continuously for as long as I want to and/or can. The first leg of the trip in Europe I expect to take roughly 4 months. The EU sets a 90-day limit on tourism inside what they call the Schengen Area. After 90 days, I can’t return to the Schengen Area until an additional 90 days have passed. Luckily, the UK and Ireland are not inside the Schengen Area, so the plan is to hit the high notes in continental Europe from May-August, then kick around the UK and Ireland for another few weeks after that.

Conceivably, I could be gone for around 18 months. My current thinking is Summer 2016 in Europe, Fall/Winter 2016 in Southeast Asia and Australia, Winter/Spring 2017 in Africa, and Summer 2017 in Northern Europe, Russia, and Northeast Asia.

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