Kristen Travels

Will you be working while you’re gone?

Yup! I’m very fortunate to have a great job that lets me work from anywhere and fantastic clients that trust me to continue giving them great service from anywhere. I also have a good chunk of savings that I can dip into if need be, but ideally I’d continue to use income from my job to fund my travels.

What are you going to do with your stuff?

All my stuff is going into storage. It was very tempting to go full Into The Wild and sell all my earthly possessions, but I’ve spent quite a while collecting a lot of beautiful pieces and I can’t bear to part with them just yet. So I’ll eat the small expense of a storage unit in the suburbs and retain my belongings for the moment.

Are you going by yourself?

Yes! The idea of traveling totally alone is terrifying, which is exactly why I want to do it. The completely un-planned, walkabout nature of my trip would make it hard to travel with another person anyway. I need to be able to make or change plans on a dime and not worry about getting approval from someone else when I’m feeling impulsive. I’ll also be more likely to make new friends on the road – probably with other solo travelers. Solo female travelers are way more common than people realize, so I’m looking forward to joining the ranks of fearless, well-traveled women.

Freelance web developer and solo world traveler. Eater of food, drinker of spirits, tryer of new things.

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